Backup Systems

Nowadays it is more and more difficult to prevent cyber-attacks, therefore in every enterprise backup and recovery solutions become a key element of a modern data protection strategy.

Efficient restoration of a system after a failure is one of the key features that should be kept in mind when choosing a backup system.

In this area of expertise of Wingu, Dell EMC Data Domain storage systems are a special area of competence, offered in the range from small devices for branch offices to large systems designed for enterprise data centers. These systems are offered as integrated appliances or gateways using external storage.

PowerProtect DD Series Appliances is the new generation of Dell EMC Data Domain appliances. This series of appliances enables organizations to protect, manage and recover data at scale. It’s powerful data management from the edge to the core to the cloud and includes the ecosystem support and comprehensive data protection that customers have come to appreciate with Data Domain.

Together with PowerProtect Data Manager or Data Protection Suite, the Data Domain series is the ultimate data storage appliance.

PowerProtect Data Manager is Dell EMC’s next-generation software-defined data protection platform that enables faster IT transformation while giving organizations the confidence that they can easily secure and quickly unlock the value of their data. It not only protects data, but also controls modern cloud workloads across evolving physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Data Protection Suite meets the needs of organizations of all sizes by protecting data and applications in both on-premises and cloud environments, while providing data value-based protection and service levels that are aligned with business objectives.

Data Protection Suite features include comprehensive backup and recovery, continuous replication for any Point-in-Time, cloud disaster recovery, VMware integration.

The DD Series is integrated with Dell EMC CloudIQ, which provides proactive visibility and performance analysis of supported storage, data protection and hyperconverged products through a single user interface.

The DD Series participates in the Dell Technologies APEX program, which offers flexible payment options including pay-per-use, pay-as-you-go and options offered as a service.

Dell EMC NetWorker is an integrated backup and recovery solution for business-critical applications in both physical and virtual environments, and locally and in the cloud.

With centralized administration, NetWorker helps you leverage data protection policies that best fit your organization’s needs: deduplication, disk and tape backup, snapshots, replication and NAS.

NetWorker protects both physical and virtual environments, including VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V.

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