Performance Managment TCO

Performance and quality monitoring is essential to ensure proper functioning of ICT infrastructure and services. Its task is to collect and report data from any sources – applications, servers, networks, etc. – and inform about occurring overloads and quality degradations. – An important function of the solution is to monitor the parameters covered by the solution. An important function of the solution is monitoring the parameters covered by SLA contracts, thanks to which the user is informed about the current status of SLA implementation and if a quality degradation occurs – he is warned about the possibility of failure to meet the contract terms.

Wingu proposes a solution based on VMware Telco Cloud Operations (TCO) to perform the above tasks. This solution is characterized by a modern architecture with high scalability, easy-to-use user interface and a rich library of data collectors and reporting packages.

TCO consolidates and analyzes performance data from various available sources, providing personalized, interactive access to performance information about the monitored infrastructure and monitoring of service SLA levels. The data can be accessed in real time and a report generation feature is also available based on historical data.


By correlating and aggregating information, it is possible to present one consistent view of performance and quality for network and IT services. The view combining various aspects of performance and quality significantly facilitates problem diagnosis and allows to quickly identify the source of the problem, e.g., bandwidth overload, processor overload, etc. Performance and Quality Monitoring provides a range of views and reports to support ongoing operational tasks, planning and network optimization. It also forwards performance/quality threshold alarms to a central event monitoring system.

TCO provides off-the-shelf report packages, so the customer gets a valuable solution virtually as soon as the software is installed and configured. Each package provides support for a specific type of technology: technical reports, view sets, predefined key performance indicators (KPIs), and preconfigured analytics for diagnosing health and estimating performance or quality. In addition, TCO allows you to create new reports that use predefined KPIs. APG also allows you to create custom KPIs using mathematical and logical functions.


In large and complex environments, there are usually already many independent systems monitoring different processes, applications and technology generates streams of information, the proper interpretation of which is beyond the capabilities of operators. In this case, Wingu proposes to use a system for automatic analysis and correlation of performance data.

Solution Benefits

  • Processing of data from any source, enabling the construction of one central performance and quality management system for the entire environment. The solution has dozens of collectors supporting various data collection protocols and communicating with external monitoring systems.
  • Many off-the-shelf reporting packages are available, allowing for rapid deployment of the solution.
  • Available packages range from virtualization, server and network technologies to applications and databases.
  • Advanced automated analytics to diagnose complex performance problems that are virtually impossible to identify with traditional tools.
  • Proactive management allowing to react in advance to growing problems spread over time – the „domino effect”, in which the original cause occurred much earlier than the actually observed deterioration in service performance, which allows to move from reactive to proactive management.
  • Cross-domain analysis – detects issues that negatively impact the performance of multiple technology domains and layers. vCOPS shows which domain/layer is the source and, more specifically, which element in that layer is responsible for the performance problem.
  • Modern user interface for easy and convenient presentation of data and quick definition and customization of reports.
  • Expansion Planning. The solution provides analytical support that identifies the most performance-critical resources that require expansion first.
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