Minimizing negative impact on the environment


Social and charity activities


Cooperation based on trust and transparency


ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, three key areas that define an organization’s operations. These areas form a comprehensive framework for evaluating a company’s performance beyond just financial metrics. ESG is more than just a performance indicator. It serves as a crucial benchmark for gauging an organization’s credibility and accountability.

Ecovadis Certification

Wingu has been awarded the Silver Medal by EcoVadis, the world’s largest independent rating platform that evaluates companies for sustainability and social responsibility. We are pleased that our ESG activities have allowed us to achieve such a high score. We are proud and pledge to continue our efforts in the future.


We understand that each choice we make influences on our planet. Therefore, we are committed to acting responsibly and sustainably.

Through our collaboration with, we are actively involved in afforestation efforts.

Here are some key figures that demonstrate the environmental impact of our trees:

330 kg – The annual CO2 absorption by our trees
3190 kg – The quantity of paper we have reintroduced into the system
55 – The total count of trees we have planted thus far


Our commitment extends beyond delivering high-quality services. We take immense pride in our participation in initiatives that benefit local communities.

Our team members actively contribute to the „Fundacja Szczęśliwej Drogi”, 

a body dedicated to assisting orphanage wards in their journey towards self-reliance.
The foundation equips these young people with the essential skills and knowledge they need to navigate adulthood successfully.

Christmas gifts

At Wingu, giving back during the holiday season has become a cherished tradition.
Each year, we pick a family that could use some extra support and prepare surprises to bring smiles to their faces. We firmly believe that even small gestures can make a big difference.

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