Storage Arrays and SAN

Data storage and protection is a special area of our specialization. We design and provide storage arrays, backup and archiving solutions. In particular, we specialize in providing mass storage systems dedicated to work in virtualized environments and in „clouds”.

We also offer our customers solutions for monitoring mass storage infrastructure and SAN networks, thanks to which IT organizations can analyze, visualize and optimize complex heterogeneous mass storage environments from a single screen.

By scanning and automatically identifying configuration and security vulnerabilities that could potentially expose an organization to loss of critical data, these solutions also serve to detect and prioritize security risks.

The solutions we recommend include remediation guidelines in accordance with vendor best practices and leading security standards (NIST, CIS, ISO, PCI and others) – across all areas of data storage, as well as enterprise backup.

One of the solutions we recommend in this area is Storage Resource Manager from Dell EMC.

Storage Resource Manager (SRM) is a comprehensive „on-prem” storage infrastructure monitoring and reporting solution that helps IT organizations visualize, analyze and optimize their complex, heterogeneous storage environments from a single screen.

Key areas of system functionality include workload analysis, configuration compliance, capacity planning, chargeback reporting, performance troubleshooting and bottleneck identification.

The system monitors capacity, performance and load, configuration details, and backbone hosts and switches to generate proactive alerts and actionable reports.

Data collection and reporting is completely automated, allowing you to focus on your business needs and spend less time manually collecting, normalizing and aggregating key operational metrics.

Workload analytics helps you decide where to place your storage workloads to get the best combination of capacity/price/performance. It also helps storage teams identify underutilized and overutilized resources, enabling them to balance existing workloads to maintain performance and sustain storage growth.

Global capacity planning dashboards save time by eliminating manual data collection and reporting. Capacity utilization trends and forecasts provide information on when additional storage will be needed. This feature helps you control storage consumption and improves your return on investment.

We offer Dell Techologies storage products:
PowerStore – intelligent all-flash storage for digital enterprises
PowerFlex – unlimited software-defined infrastructure
PowerScale – the most flexible and secure scalable file storage
PowerMax – the most secure mission-critical storage
Unity XT – flexible, hybrid storage for cost-critical enterprises
PowerVault – entry-level block storage at an affordable price
ObjectScale – Software defined enterprise object storage
ECS – most secure enterprise object storage, most secure enterprise object storage

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