Network traffic monitoring systems

Within the services of network traffic capture and monitoring we offer a solution based on Open Networking, Big Switch – Arista.
The concept of Open Networking (ON) assumes separation of hardware and software layers in network systems, similarly to the world of x86 servers, where introduction of a uniform hardware platform standard allowed competition between hardware manufacturers and free development of independent operating systems and applications for these systems. This approach allows for a flexible approach to deployed functionality, and allows for the implementation of non-obvious functions based on standardized network hardware.
In terms of ON-compliant hardware, Wingu cooperates with Dell and EdgeCore.


In terms of software solutions, we offer:
– BigSwitch Networks: the Big Monitoring Fabric system allows you to build a distributed „Network Packet Broker” class system to collect, filter, forward, process and analyze and record network traffic. Combined with our offered TAPs, we can build a flexible, distributed and managed from a single location network traffic analysis environment for security and network and application performance monitoring.

Pluribus Network, Cumulus Networks and others: network operating systems that allow you to build an SDN network perfectly suited to your needs. 

Pluribus is a peer-to-peer SDN solution – the network built is managed from any switch, without the need for a dedicated controller. 
Cumulus is a Linux distribution dedicated to networking applications. This makes Cumulus-based networks designed for data centers using Linux and OpenStack-based solutions.

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