Kubernetes and Container Platforms

Kubernetes (or K8s) is a popular open source platform for container orchestration – that is, for managing applications built from multiple, largely self-contained runtimes called containers. Containers have become increasingly popular since the Docker containerization project launched in 2013, but large, distributed containerized applications can become increasingly difficult to coordinate. By making it much easier to manage applications at scale, Kubernetes has become a key part of the container revolution.

The growing demand from developers for the ability to build and deploy applications based on microservices architectures has driven the need to find the right solution to support developers’ work.



Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform – is an Enterprise Platform-as-aService (PaaS) that is transparent from a developer’s perspective, and a reliable Container-as-a-Service from a production environment perspective. It includes the Linux Enterprise operating system, container execution environment, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication and solution authorization, with components tested together for unified operations on a complete Kubernetes environment.


OpenShift enables developers to focus on their core tasks – designing and testing applications – without having to worry about infrastructure. Tools included in the OpenShift Container Platform streamline and automate DevOps processes, increasing team productivity – accelerating the processes of designing, testing and also development, updating and distributing applications to production environments.

OpenShift Platform is supported by all leading providers of hardware infrastructure and cloud environments.



SUSE Rancher for Kubernetes management is a solution that offers simple, consistent, and secure support for any certified Kubernetes distribution, from the data center to the cloud to the edge of the network and beyond.

By leveraging the power of containers, we enable you to:

Deliver a better customer experience by accelerating the deployment of new cloud-based applications.

Modernize legacy, monolithic applications and infrastructure with agile cloud services.

Migrate existing applications to containers to more effectively leverage your own cloud infrastructure.

SUSE Rancher is the industry’s only solution for managing all Kubernetes distributions. Regardless of which distributions you want to use, SUSE gives you access to the Kubernetes platform without any hindrance, anywhere. That’s why the Rancher platform has been praised by many industry analysts, including Forrester, which recently named the Rancher platform a „leader” in its Forrester Wave report.

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