WINGU in Swahili means cloud, thanks to us it is a SECURE CLOUD

IT systems integrator

WINGU is a company founded in 2010 by people who have been involved in IT and telecommunications for years.

We specialize in complex projects related to IT and telecommunications infrastructure, automation, event and quality management and business continuity. We operate independently and as a contractor for global industry leaders.

The expertise we have gained from participating in numerous implementations allows us to analyse the customer's environment and needs and propose the optimal monitoring and management platform. We create data processing solutions that ensure reliability, security and high level of automation.

We specialise in projects requiring integration between systems managing cloud components, monitoring, provisioning and service management systems. We offer service orchestration tools, pre-defined process packages and adapters to transform disconnected silos of hardware and software into a cohesive environment.

The second area of our specialisation is data storage and protection. We offer the design and delivery of storage arrays, backup and archiving solutions. Our offer is based on cooperation with the best technology providers. In particular, we specialise in providing storage systems dedicated to virtualised and cloud environments.

Certificates and Awards